Action plan 2017

Oulun seudun YK-yhdistys ry / UN Association of Oulu Region
Action plan 2017, accepted in Fall General Meeting 10.11.2016

The goal of the association is to promote and raise awareness of United Nations goals and work in the Oulu region. We want to promote understanding of peaceful international cooperation. The associations continuous main operations include informing and educating about UN matters and doing study trips and excursions.

In 2017 the association will organise discussion events and at least one excursion. We strive to become a central forum of societal discussion and participation for the youth in the region. We will organise at least one event with another student society and at least one event with some other non-profit organisation in Oulu.

The association will actively promote network events and encourage its members to join network events in Finland and Nordics as Oulu UN associations representatives. We will actively keep in contact with Finnish UN Youth and other umbrella organisations. According to resources we will cooperate on events with these instances.

Communication channels we use are facebook, website, mailing list, Twitter and Instagram. We will communicate in English and Finnish according to resources.

Meeting calls are published on the associations mailing list.

Association volunteers will be provided with a chance to acquire clothing with associations logo.

This action plan will be followed up in board meetings 2017 and in the Spring General Meeting 2018.