Training & meeting weekend with Finnish UN Youth board

The UN-youth board started this year by visiting the Ministry of Education and Culture. We discussed mainly about the new youth law and how to apply for their grants. We discussed with Salla-Maarit Markkanen, Marja Pulkkinen and their boss Georg Henrik Wrede.

Then after we went to Sitra, the independent fund. We were talking about some mega trends, such as sustainable crisis, geo economy and technology. Our new president, Janette Sorsimo, invited us to her home after the visits. However, I was so tired after my early morning that I wanted to go back to the hotel.

We had the meeting in Kaivotalo on Saturday. It started with a presentation about UN youth and the former activity. Our new UN Youth delegate, Sonja Huttunen, told about her new job. She invited herself to come to Oulu as well! We had a long discussion on the titles. A little time was left for the upcoming activity. I had to leave after 7 hours. To sum up, the weekend was great and interesting!

OSYKY board member and our representative in Finnish UN Youth


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